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Design Review Board Contact Information:

Max Schneider, DRB Manager

Towne Properties
11340 Montgomery Road, Suite 202
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

513-605-7732 direct 
513-489-3941 fax

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Tuesday, September 1. 2020
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Landen CSA Rules, Regulations
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Landen CSA Rules & Regulations 
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Design & Review Board (DRB) Violation / Non-Compliance Report

As part of the Landen Homeowners Association, we, as members, must work together to keep Landen looking beautiful. One way you can help is to report to the DRB any issues that you feel do not comply with our Homeowner's/Resident's Guide to Landen. We very much appreciate your input and want to know when you notice something that you feel is not right and needs attention. Please do not assume that we already know. Homeowner feedback is the best source for identifying issues where we need to become involved.

When we receive your report, appropriate action will be taken including verification by management and documentation of the offense that will remain in the system until the violation has been corrected. For the security and privacy of our property owners, you will NOT be notified as to the status of the report filed, nor can details on the violation status be discussed with anyone other than the affected homeowner. YOUR REPORT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!  When you report an item to us, your information will NOT be made public. All reports will go directly to our property manager and will not be released.

Please fill out this form completely. Note that all fields marked with an asterisk are required. Remember, your information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! If you prefer not to fill out this form, you may contact our DRB Administrator, Ted Muhlhauser, at Towne Properties by calling (513) 605-7732. Thank you for your time and dedication to keeping Landen beautiful!

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Design Review Board Members
Walt Daniels (Chair)
Bill Coffey
Rob Giesse 
Jay Farmer
Cathy Hock                                  Stephanie Simmons                    Rachel Bachman

Download files:
DRB Exterior Change Application
Violation Fine Policy

LFCSA Rules and Regulations 
Violation/Non-Compliance Report
As part of the Landen Homeowner's Association, as members, we must work together to keep Landen looking beautiful. Please use the LFCSA Rules and Regulations Violation/Non-Compliance Form to report anything you see which may not be up to design standards.

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